5èmes W-questions -Recruit 3 pirates

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5ème pirates  (power point)+ 5eme PIRATES 2

page 80 vocabulary


•ACTION PLAN (powerpoint number 2)
•vous allez devoir choisir 3 pirates de notre classe pour notre tâche finale .
•Vous devrez leur poser des questions sur les pirates et voir si il connaissent assez le sujet pour être choisi.
•Afin de poser des questions il faudra apprendre la leçon du diapo 3  ‘functions’et examiner les examples du diapo 4
Afin de gagner le titre du meilleur pirate veuillez faire (plein de recherches sur les pirates et visionnez des vidéos ou des films.  )


Find the questions from the answers given.

•No, He was not. He was a pirate.
•They stole knives and treasures.•…………………………………………………………..?
•They lived in a boat.
•They traveled overseas.
There were thirty pirates.
They wore scarfs and colourful shirts.
They stole other ships and boats.




32 Commentaires le “5èmes W-questions -Recruit 3 pirates”

  1. Deda Chloé

    • are you a pirate ?
    • did you find treasures ?
    • where do pirates live ?
    • are you traveling ?
    • how much you’re ?
    • what are you wearing ?
    • did he steal ?

  2. elenavagiasaintlouis

    Bravo !

  3. Brel--Desroses Zïa

    -Did you find treasures with a lot of gold?
    -What did you have hook? A crocodile ate your hand?
    -Did you find an island?
    - Did you have a parrot? If yes what is his name?
    - Are you a captain?
    - What’s your name?

  4. elenavagiasaintlouis

    Bravo Zia !

  5. idriss abdelmoula-durupt yo p

    • Was he a captain?
    •No, He was not. He was a pirate.

    • What did they steal ?
    •They stole knives and treasures.

    •Where did they live?
    •They lived in a boat.

    • Where did they travel ?
    •They traveled overseas.

    how many pirates were there ?
    There were thirty pirates.

    How were they dressed ?
    They wore scarfs and colourful shirts.

    What else did they steal ?
    They stole other ships and boats.

  6. Christophe zhou

    Are you a black smith?
    What did they steal?
    where pirates live?
    where did they travel?
    how many are there?
    what were they wearing
    What did they steal?

  7. Augier--Sautereau julien

    Was he honest ?

    What have they stole ?

    Where they live ?

    Where they traveled ?

    How they was ?

    What they wore ?

    Have they stole other thing ?

    • elenavagiasaintlouis

      How many were they ?
      Bravo pour le reste

  8. benjebalia

    1) Was he a random men ?
    2)What does they have steal ?
    3) Where do they lives ?
    4)Where does they travelled ?
    5)How many they where ?
    6)What are they wearing ?
    7)What else did they steal ?

    • elenavagiasaintlouis

      Was he a random man ? (1man , 2men (irregular))

  9. thomas guilland

    1/ What is your name ?
    2/Do you have a cutlass ?
    3/ Are you a pirate ?
    4/ Do you eat crocodiles ?
    5/ Will you help to find treasures ?
    6/ Are you mean and cruel ?


    • where do pirates live ?
    • are you traveling ?
    • what are you wearing ?
    • did he steal ?
    • are you a pirate ?
    • did you find treasures ?
    • how much you’re ?

  11. Lili Gonnin

    1/ You were a pirate ship capitain ?
    2/What did they steal ? A gold? A parrot?
    3/Were did you live ? In a island? In the jungle?
    4/Were did you travel ?
    5/How many pirate were there?
    6/How were they dressed
    7/What are we stealing ?

    • elenavagiasaintlouis

      Where did you live/stay ? + ponctuation 6?
      Bravo pour le reste


    Was he a corsaire ?

    What did they steal?

    Where did they live ?

    Where did they travel ?

    How many pirates there were ?

    What did they wear ?

    What else did they steal ?

    • elenavagiasaintlouis

      Bravo Oscar !

  13. Romain Fleury

    1- Did he is a capitain ?
    2- What did they steal ?
    3 – Where did they live ?
    4- Where did they travel ?
    5- How many did they are ?
    6- What did they wear ?
    7- What did they steal ?

  14. Gabriel Halotier

    -who is your ancient captain ?
    -are you a pirate ?
    -Do you have a cutlass ?
    -Do you have a weapon ?
    -what were they wearing
    -are you best shouting or swording ?

  15. Julia Caret

    • Was he a banker?
    • What did they steal?
    • Where did they live?
    • Where did they travel?
    • How many pirates were there?
    • What style of clothes did they wear?

  16. Milo Marchand W.

    Was he a soldier ?
    •No, He was not. He was a pirate.
    What did they stole ?
    •They stole knives and treasures
    Where they lived ?
    •They lived in a boat.
    Where he traveled ?
    •They traveled overseas.
    How much pirates there was?
    There were thirty pirates.
    What were they wearing ?
    They wore scarfs and colourful shirts.
    what did they steal?
    They stole other ships and boats.

  17. Thivijaa Sivakumar

    • Was he a captain ?
    • No, He was not. He was a pirate.
    • What did they steal?
    • They stole knives and treasures.
    • Where did they live ?
    • They lived in a boat.
    • Where did they travel ?
    • They travelled overseas.
    • -How many pirates were in the boat ?
    • There were thirty pirates.
    • Did they wear a shirt and a tie ?
    • They wore scarfs and colourful shirts.
    • What else did they steal ?
    • They stole other ships and boats.

  18. Killian Guerut

    How many sailor do you have?
    Where do you live?
    Do you go a lot at sea?
    Why you capture people?
    Why you attack people?
    Do you have a flag on your boat?

  19. Etienne

    Was he garbageman?
    What did they steal ?
    Where did they live?
    Where did they travel ?
    How many were the pirates?
    What did they wear ?
    What did they steal ?

  20. Prune Courmont

    Was he a Royal navy sailor?
    What did they steal ?
    Where did they live ?
    Where did they travel ?
    How many pirates were they ?
    What did they wear ?
    What else did they steal ?

  21. Kunsel Bhutia

    1) Was he a villager ?

    2) What did the steal ?

    3) Where did the live ?

    4) Where did they travel ?

    5) How many pirates were there ?

    6) What did the wear ?

    7) What did they steal ?

  22. simona nenkov

    -Are you a pirate ?
    - Do you have a boat ?
    -You have already found a treasure ?
    - do you have a parrot ?
    -You find how many island ?
    -Do you have a pirate equipafe ?
    - are you pirating a boat ?

  23. Artur pouliquen

    Was he captain ?
    Was did they steal ?
    Were did they live?
    Were did they travel?
    How many pirates were they ?
    What did they wear?
    What did they steal?

  24. matthieu Baudel 5C

    1) Are you the captain ? If yes, do you have a parrot ?

    2) If not are you a pirate and have you a eye patch ?

    3) Did you have to plunge another pirate ship? If yes, had he a treasure chest?

    4) Did you have to map making?

    5) Can you use navigation instruments?

    6) What is your surname and why?

    7) Did you have seriously injure? If yes, have you a prosthesis?

  25. Kinzy KUNGA - TEMBI CH

    Who has a hook, a parrot? Who wears a pirate hat and a cutlass? How much skulls and bones did the pirate ship have in the boat? When did Jolly Roger start captaining? Where’s the treasure chest? Who can find the map of the island where the gold is located? What kind of compass did he have?

  26. Kinzy KUNGA - TEMBI CH

    1°) What are pirate ships called?
    2°) What is the name of the pirate hat?
    3°) Where does he live?
    4°) What is the name of the boat that pirates use?
    5°) Where do they hide their fate?
    6°) What is in a tresort?
    7°) What is the name of the pirate hat?
    8°) What is the name of the pirate who watches over the mast?
    9°) Where is port on a boat?
    10°) What name isn’t used to designate a pirate?
    11°) On which island is the pirate treasure hidden?
    12°) What’s the difference between a pirate and a privateer?
    13°) To become a real pirate, you have to?
    14°) How do the pirates die?
    15°) When is – what are the pirates attacking?
    16°) What are the materials that make up the pirate ship?
    17°) What’s the pirate money?

  27. Jim Granger

    do you have brother ?
    -yes I have a brother
    do you have friends ?
    -yes I have some
    do you like like to sail ?
    -yes I love to sail
    Do you like fighting them ?
    -yes,I’m fine
    Did they wear a shirt and a tie ?
    -They wore scarfs and colourful shirts
    Where did they travel ?
    -They travelled overseas

  28. Adrien Dumontet

    Final task

    The survey to become a pirate:

    1 What is your favorite expression ?

    2 What is the object that the pirates use to orientate?

    3 What does a pirate say when he attacks a ship?

    4 What does a pirate love ?

    5 Do you like gold ?

    6 Do you know how to fight ?

    7 Why do you want to become a pirate ?

    Thank you for answering !


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