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GO-> We went to London last month 

Did you go to London last month ?

They did not go to London last month.

BUY-> We bought two amazing sofas .

Did you buy a new cupboard ?

I did not buy a new bed.

Rang Infinitif Prétérit Participe passé Traduction
2 to be was / were been être
45 to become became become devenir
19 to begin began begun commencer
43 to break broke broken casser
37 to bring brought brought amener
32 to buy bought bought acheter
44 to catch caught caught attraper
49 to choose chose chosen choisir
6 to come came come venir
35 to cut cut cut couper
55 to drink drank drunk boire
44 to drive drove driven conduire
38 to eat ate eaten manger
36 to fall fell fallen tomber
58 to feed fed fed donner a manger, nourir
30 to feel felt felt sentir, éprouver
50 to fight fought fought battre, combattre
17 to find found found trouver
60 to fly flew flown voler
51 to forget forgot forgotten oublier
4 to get got got obtenir
15 to give gave given donner
3 to go went gone aller
39 to grow grew grown cultiver, grandir
1 to have had had avoir
25 to hear heard heard entendre
46 to hit hit hit frapper, atteindre
26 to hold held held tenir
21 to keep kept kept garder
9 to know knew known connaître, savoir
24 to leave left left quitter, laisser
54 to let let let laisser, louer
41 to lose lost lost perdre
7 to make made made fabriquer
29 to mean meant meant vouloir dire
34 to meet met met rencontrer
31 to pay paid paid payer
12 to put put put mettre
23 to read read /rɛd/ read /rɛd/ lire
18 to run ran run courir
14 to say said said dire
5 to see saw seen voir
40 to sell sold sold vendre
33 to send sent sent envoyer
22 to set set set poser, fixer
20 to show showed shown montrer
27 to sit sat sat s’assoir, être assis
56 to sleep slept slept dormir
53 to speak spoke spoken parler
42 to spend spent spent dépenser
28 to stand stood stood être debout
10 to take took taken prendre
57 to teach taught taught enseigner
13 to tell told told dire, raconter
11 to think thought thought penser
52 to throw threw thrown lancer
59 to understand understood understood comprendre
47 to wear wore worn porter (habit)
48 to win won won gagner
16 to write wrote written écrire


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